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Calculate production times and costs per part when using the Essentium HSE 180•S 3D printer. Compare results to other production methods for a more informed purchasing decision.

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HSE Print Time (hours): 0
Machine Depreciation Schedule: 5 years/2080 Annual Hrs

HSE Part Cost & Lead Time
HSE Cost Per Part: $0.00
HSE Part Lead Time (Days): 0
HSE Per Part Savings: 0.00%
HSE Part Lead Time Savings: 0.00%

Return On Investment
Machine Initial Investment: $0
Current Cost ($/week): $0
HSE Printing Cost ($/week): $0
Savings ($/Week): $0.00
Time to ROI(weeks): 0.00
Savings Per Year: $0.00

Cost Per Part Breakdown
Material Cost Per Part: $0
Machine Depreciation Cost: 0

Summary of Figures Used for Calculations
Machine Cost: $0
Useful Life (years): 0
Depreciation (per hour): $0
Material Cost ($/kg): $0

Hozzle Cost: 0
Hozzle Life (hours): 0
Hozzle Cost (per hour): 0