Essentium HTN – CF25


Essentium HTN-CF25 (high-temperature nylon) is a polyamide based chemistry with a 25% carbon fiber reinforced core. HTN-CF25 is the highest strength and stiffness material in the Essentium portfolio. This material also boasts easy processing and excellent thermal resistance. This material is designed for tooling applications, high strength/stiffness jigs and fixtures, and as a replacement for light-duty aluminum parts.


  • High strength
  • Solvent resistance
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Easy-to-print
  • Solvent resistance


  • Tooling:
    • Injection molds
    • Thermoforming
    • Blow molding
  • High stiffness jigs and fixtures
  • High strength and end use parts
  • Replacement for light duty aluminum parts

TDS: Essentium HTN-CF25

SDS: Essentium HTN-CF25