Plastics Technology: Bridging the Gap Between 3D Printing and Traditional Manufacturing

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At Essentium, both 3D printers and materials receive starring roles. Essentium is an innovator in both materials and production platforms. The company is disrupting traditional manufacturing processes by bringing strength and speed together, at scale, with a no-compromise material. With about 100 employees, the company is based in Pflugerville, Texas, and has locations in Waco, Texas; Irvine, Calif.; Singapore and Western Europe.

The company seeks to move industry forward by addressing additive manufacturing at scale with a supply-chain focus on the machine, materials and process. The company works with customers across many sectors, including automotive, aerospace, biomedical, footwear and electronics.

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The Essentium Team
February 18, 2021

3D Natives: Essentium Survey Shows That Investments in AM are Paying Off

In early February, Essentium, Inc announced the results of the second in a series of findings from independent global research on the current and future use of industrial 3D printing. We previously covered the first survey published in 2019, which focused mainly on the slow adoption of additive manufacturing for mass-production. This new survey has shown significant advancements in that particular arena as well as significant benefits for users of industrial additive manufacturing while also highlighting remaining challenges to overcome, notably concerning the cost of 3D printing technologies and materials.

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