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Yesterday, Essentium moved to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Jabil (Case No. 8:19-cv-1567-T-23SPF). Our motion seeks to dismiss seventy percent of the claims asserted as being without merit as a matter of law.

As for the other claims, Essentium asserts that in due course, it will demonstrate that Jabil had no trade secret or confidential information that could give rise to any claim of theft or misappropriation, nor did Essentium and the other defendants do so.

When markets such as ours face disruption, there are the disruptors and the disrupted. Typically, the incumbents are the disrupted; and these incumbents resist change. Jabil appears to be behaving like an incumbent and is attempting to derail innovation – particularly fast-paced innovation like that of Essentium and other startups. That Jabil seeks to undermine the advancement of our industry and, in effect, their own customers, is confounding.

Attempting to bully us and hinder our freedom to innovate with a meritless lawsuit will neither detract nor derail us from our broader mission, which is to transform the $12trillion dollar industrial manufacturing market through innovation and an open, holistic ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued support.

Blake Teipel, Ph.D.

Essentium CEO and Co-founder

August 03, 2019

To our Partners: On the Topic of Innovation

Essentium chairman, Steve Birdwell, recently shared a public statement regarding an attempt by manufacturing services company, Jabil, to use litigation as a means to undermine both Essentium and the incredible wave of transformation taking place in the manufacturing industry. Steve was unequivocal in our position: This action is entirely without merit, and we have been given no choice but to respond to it rigorously. Our corporate values are based around trust, service, transparency, and innovation. I reiterate here now: we have never detracted from these values.

I want to take this opportunity to personally assure you that Essentium will not be distracted from our vision and our strategy to transform the future of industrial-scale manufacturing. Nor will we allow Jabil to undermine a market transformation that will benefit the entire global manufacturing industry: a transformation enabled by innovation, open business models, and customer choice.

Let’s talk about innovation. Since our inception, Essentium has innovated in several fields of additive manufacturing: in process, materials, and hardware. Winning the SME Innovation Award Grand Prize at RAPID 2016 for our plasma welding extrusion hardware, and the TCT+RAPID Healthcare Application Award in 2017 are just two examples of our contributions to the ecosystem. Today, together with our partners BASF 3D Printing Solutions and Materialise, we are accelerating and expanding on these efforts by bringing a new and holistic extrusion additive ecosystem to the marketplace. Because ours is an ecosystem built on an open constellation, customers finally have their hands firmly on the steering wheel of their own futures, able to unlock their own innovations. At Essentium, we say that the future belongs to the customer, not to the OEM. We will work tirelessly to ensure that our customer’s future is not deterred by a meritless litigation effort brought by a party who is potentially effectuating the stagnation of the very ecosystem it claims to promote. That Jabil seeks to undermine the honest work of others in the additive manufacturing industry sends a chilling message to innovators everywhere, thus causing harm well beyond Essentium and its customers and partners.

There is good reason that the launch of the Essentium HSE 3D Printer has been met with resounding market response: printing parts at speeds and strengths, and with previously unavailable materials, tilts the economic equation in the customers’ favor. We can now help users everywhere gain access to innovation at scale, thereby helping to fulfill previously unaddressed promises upon which the paradigm of additive manufacturing itself actually rests.

Essentium’s commitment to enabling the innovation of our customers will remain undeterred. Our pace will remain similarly unwavering. Our business is strong, our operations are strong, and our pipeline is strong. We have the full support of our Board, our investors, our partners, and our customers. We thank you for this support, and for your business.

Blake Teipel, Ph.D.

Essentium CEO and Co-founder


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