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At its core, Essentium is built by a team of people who understands its customers because we are the customer. We are the builders, the designers, the engineers. We have experienced the divide between 3D printing and manufacturing and asked the question, “How can we bridge the gap?

The dream for Essentium was born out of a desire to open new possibilities for the builder and the designer. It began in 2013 when four friends gathered around a kitchen table and thought about the possibility of what could be. We wanted to create a new paradigm for how to use additive manufacturing in the industrial world. Simply put, we wanted to change how things are made.

Essentium exists to help propel our partners forward by addressing additive manufacturing, at scale, by delivering a supply chain solution that addresses machine, materials, and process. With our High Speed Extrusion (HSE) Platform, our FlashFuseTM plasma technology, and our industrial-grade materials, customers can trust they will receive a no-compromise solution for their needs.

We are committed to innovation in both materials and production platforms. We are committed to creating industrial solutions and we are committed to you. We believe the future lies with our customers, and we are here to help you find tomorrow’s solutions.


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