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Freedom and Flexibility

Today’s industrial 3D printer operators demand the freedom and flexibility to operate their additive manufacturing equipment the same way they operate their injection molding and CNC machining equipment. With that freedom however come the challenges of proper material handling that is paramount for consistent results from printed parts.


Here you will find best practices for material handling and recommendations on the proper equipment to implement a material handling workflow at your facility so you can create the optimum environment to keep your 3D printing materials dry, extend their shelf life, and yield more consistent prints with better part quality.

Equipment & Filament

3D Drying Equipment


The Essentium DryBox is a humidity-controlled cabinet designed to store and protect 3D printing filaments in a humidity-controlled environment.


We recommend drying all of our materials to specification prior to printing.

Resources & Information

Drying Times

Materials Drying temp* Drying time** Max moisture content
PLA 65-90°C 4-12 hrs 250 ppm
ABS 80-90°C 2-4 hrs 200 ppm
PCTG 65-70°C 4-8 hrs 600 ppm
TPU A 80-90°C 2-3 hrs 200 ppm
TPU D 90-120°C 2-3 hrs 200 ppm
HTN 110-110°C 6-8 hrs 400 ppm
PA 12 80°C 4-8 hrs 1000 ppm
PACF 100-120°C 4-8 hrs 500 ppm
PC 120°C 3-5 hrs 200 ppm
Essentium 9085 110-120°C 4-6 hrs 200 ppm
PEEK 120°C 3-6 hrs 200 ppm
PEKK 120°C 3-8 hrs 200 ppm
PPS 120°C 2-4 hrs 100 ppm
PESU 120°C 3-4 hrs 200 ppm
PETCF 90°C 6-8 hrs NA
PPCF 70°C 2-4 hrs 200 ppm

*Temperature for a desiccated hot air dryer with <-40°C dew point air

**The times indicated in this table are approximations based on typical industry workflows for these materials. Spools that have picked up very little moisture can be dried on the shorter end of the time ranges indicated, whereas higher levels of moisture exposure will require longer times and higher temperatures for effective drying. Very hygroscopic resins including polyamides, polysulfones, TPU, PEI, and PVA may require even longer drying times if they are allowed to absorb moisture up to their equilibrium moisture content; we strongly recommend that these resins be kept dry and not allowed to absorb large amounts of moisture.

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