Contract Manufacturing

Bringing Efficiency and Flexibility to Contract Manufacturing

What are you making today? Contract manufacturers need to be able to turn over the factory floor on a dime. One day you're making soft handlebar grips for a bicycle manufacturer, the next it's a cordless telephone handset. Every customer is different but the results must be the same: the uniform production of high-quality goods and parts at the lowest possible cost. Essentium can help you achieve these goals through additive manufacturing. The Essentium HSE 180 3D Printing Platform gives engineers the speed to iterate on designs faster than ever before to meet crushing deadlines. Eliminate prototyping delays and quickly create the jigs and fixtures needed to execute production runs in-house. A wide range of high-performance materials including the industry's leading ESD-safe, non-marring filaments are available for electronics applications.

Key Applications

Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs & Fixtures

Quickly produce the masters to create a variety of parts to each customer's exacting specifications, and keep them on hand for fast factory floor turnaround.

3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Iterate design changes in hours instead of days and weeks. Win new business by giving customers the flexibility to customize products and make changes at the last minute.

3D Printing for Casting


Develop new and complex castings that fit seamlessly into existing workflows – and save on time and cost in the process.

The HSE 180 3D Printing Platform

Essentium's High Speed Extrusion (HSE) 3D Printer is designed for industrial production and performs to the level required in the most demanding manufacturing environments. Offering class-leading print speeds greater than 500 mm/sec by utilizing a non-slip, high torque extrusion system and all linear servo motors X-Y stage, the Essentium HSE 180 Series has the right solution for your application.

The HSE 180 3D Printing Platform offers a wide range of non-marring ESD-safe and nylon materials that are ideally suited for your manufacturing needs.

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Recommended Materials

Essentium ABS MG94

Essentium ABS MG94 filament made with SABIC CYCOLACTM MG94 resin is a premium grade of ABS designed for high speed prints with excellent surface finish and balanced mechanical properties.

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Essentium’s TPU 58D-AS is an industry-first ESD safe and anti-static 58D Shore hardness thermoplastic polyurethane filament that is available in a variety of colors.

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Why Essentium?

Looking for a competitive edge? Satisfy the most demanding customers and attract new ones through additive manufacturing technology. The Essentium HSE 180 3D Printing Platform won't change your operating systems or your factory floor layout, but it will make your current processes more efficient while enabling unmatched customization. This compact yet powerful 3D printer has a large build area to handle virtually any job, and prints ten times faster than conventional FFF printers. You may not always be in control of deadlines — designs can be late, rush jobs come in, raw material inventory gets low — but you can count on the Essentium HSE 180 3D Printing Platform to deliver the speed, power and reliability at scale to keep your next job on time and on budget.

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