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Essentium offers a full suite of chemically resistant, high-strength, and heat-resistant materials that are used by the world’s most demanding customers in the aerospace industry. With these high-performance materials and the speed and reliability of the Essentium High Speed Extrusion (HSE™) 3D Printing Platform, you can create critical parts for tomorrow's aerospace innovations faster, cheaper, and lighter than ever before..

Key Applications

Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs & Fixtures

Print ground support equipment using high-strength and chemically resistant materials in a matter of hours.


End-Use Parts

Use Essentium PEEK and other high-performance materials to create commercial-grade, functional aerospace components.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Iterate design changes in hours instead of days and weeks to determine the proper form, fit and function of a part in the manufacturing process.

The HSE 180•HT 3D Printer

Essentium's High Speed Extrusion (HSE) 3D Printer is designed for industrial production and performs to the level required in the most demanding manufacturing environments. Offering class-leading print speeds greater than 500 mm/sec by utilizing a non-slip, high torque extrusion system and all linear servo motors X-Y stage, the Essentium HSE 180 3D Printing Platform has the right solution for your application.

The HSE 180•HT 3D Printer is designed for high-temperature materials and is ideally suited for mold tooling, jigs and fixtures, functional parts, and other important applications within the aerospace and defense industries.

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Recommended Aerospace Materials

Essentium PEKK

Essentium polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) filament shares most of the performance attributes of PEEK: strong chemical resistance, high dimensional stability, and high temperature resistance.

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Essentium ABS MG94

Essentium ABS MG94 filament made with SABIC CYCOLACTM MG94 resin is a premium grade of ABS designed for high speed prints with excellent surface finish and balanced mechanical properties.

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Essentium’s TPU 58D-AS is an industry-first ESD safe and anti-static 58D Shore hardness thermoplastic polyurethane filament that is available in a variety of colors.

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Essentium 9085

Essentium 9085 is a high-performance polyetherimide blend made with SABIC ULTEM™ 9085 resin. Essentium 9085 has excellent long term
temperature performance and toughness.

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Why Essentium?

Essentium's additive manufacturing technology allows engineers to rapidly iterate on design changes to go from idea to finished piece – with multiple versions in between – in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional manufacturing methods. Imagine shaving months off the prototyping design stage. Once the tool, part or mold is ready for production, well, that's where Essentium really shines. Our certification-friendly practices ensure a choice of materials and processes to match your application. Versatile enough for one-off, low volume, or injection-molding-like mass production runs of high-performance parts, the high-speed extrusion HSE 180•HT 3D Printer is designed for reliability at scale. Essentium stands ready to transform your manufacturing processes without compromising strength or quality.

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