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The Essentium team is excited to attend the first trade show in over a year at the Additive Manufacturing User’s Group (AMUG) hosted in Orlando, Florida on May 2-6, 2021. We personally invite you to stop by our booth at D10 and attend one or more of our sessions presented by our engineers and executives listed below.

Improving Manufacture Readiness for the Warfighter

Date and Time: Monday, May 3rd, 4:30-5:30 p.m. EST

Location: Orange Ballroom, Lower Level

Presenter:  Elisa Tiepel, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer

The United States is investing in its domestic manufacturing supply chain to produce a variety of critical parts for its fleet of aging aircrafts. Many aircrafts in the current Air Force fleet were produced before the age of computer-aided design (CAD), thus digital renderings of these aircrafts do not exist. Without digital files, reproducing replacement parts for aircraft and ground-vehicles becomes a reverse engineering problem. Traditional manufacturing, such as CNC milling and injection molding, can have long lead-times and can require expensive tooling for production, leaving aircraft grounded as they await replacement parts. Essentium is deploying its High-Speed Extrusion (HSE) 3D printing technology within the ecosystem to enable parts manufacturing with shortened lead times and lower costs.

In this session, we will discuss technology advancements being developed through Essentium’s partnership with the Air Force and National Guard Bureau and how they are breaking barriers to support the warfighter and beyond.

PP-CF: Solving Challenges in Flexible Resin Casting

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 4th, 10:30-11:30 a.m. EST

Location: Key West A-C Lower Level

Presenter: Brandon Sweeney, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Materials R&D

Traditional low-pressure molds for flexible resin casting can be cost prohibitive to manufacture with traditional techniques and do not have good release properties for easy part removal. Essentium has worked closely with Lehvoss to develop a carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene thermoplastic composite designed specifically for resin casting and high chemical resistance applications. We will share case studies for this material for demanding applications in flexible footwear foam molding, and electroplating workflows. Material selection criteria for these applications will be discussed including the decision tree that led to the development of PP-CF. Comparisons of PP-CF to other carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics will be made to help users understand when and where to use each material.

A&D Tech Company Saves 90% Using AM 

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 5th, 4:30-5:30 p.m. EST

Location: Orange Ballroom, Lower Level

Presenter:  Garrett Harmon, Applications Engineering Manager

For electronics manufacturers, the conformal coating process for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCB) is crucial as it protects manufactured PCBs from a range of mechanical and environmental conditions. However, this coating must not be applied to specific parts of the PCB (such as soldering pads and component pins). This challenge has been addressed in multiple ways throughout the industry, however, the main solutions require operators to tape off specific sections and components with masking tape prior to coating. Other solutions have surfaced, such as the outsourcing of injection molded masks that can simply be placed on components, but this process can take weeks and thousands of dollars to produce masks that can only be used six to eight- times before needing to be replaced. Mercury Systems was facing this challenge and joined efforts with Essentium to use AM to conquer it. This partnership led to a decreased lead time of 85% and cost savings of nearly 95%, all while producing masks within minutes that could be used 10-12 times before replacing.

In this session, Essentium will go over the details of the HSE 180 3D Printing Platform and how it can be utilized to realize the cost and time savings that Mercury Systems found. Topics to be covered include: HSE 180 3D Printing Platform overview, material selection for conformal coat masking, printing and designing masks, and overall process steps and logistics. We will also discuss the time, cost, and quality of life changes experienced by Mercury Systems and how you can implement this process within your own ecosystem.

The Future of Manufacturing: Technology, Materials and Design 

Date and Time: Thursday, May 6th, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. EST

Location: Key West A-C Lower Level

Co-Presenters: Brandon Sweeney, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Materials R&D and David Rieman, Applications Engineer

The extrusion platforms of today produce high-quality, relevant, and useful parts that are used in countless applications across the globe. The speed and strength of technology, capabilities of materials, and skill of trained professionals improves year by year. As you see this progress, it makes you wonder, what is next? Emerging technology, groundbreaking new materials, and innovative ways to design parts are all on the horizon. The best way for your company to take advantage of the future of manufacturing is to position itself now. This session will cover four use cases that show how you can leverage the next generation of additive manufacturing to bring new capabilities to 3D printed parts from a design, production, and materials viewpoint. By the end of this session, you will have the tools and knowledge needed for your FDM ecosystem to step into the future of manufacturing.

Essentium, Inc. provides industrial 3D printing solutions that are disrupting traditional manufacturing processes by bringing product strength and production speed together, at scale, with an open ecosystem and material set. Essentium manufactures and delivers innovative industrial 3D printers and materials enabling the world’s top manufacturers to bridge the gap between 3D printing and machining to embrace the future of additive manufacturing.


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