formnext 2019

| The Essentium Team


We had an amazing time at formnext 2019 in Frankfurt, and a successful launch of the Essentium HSE 180•S Series and our high-temperature materials.

The feedback from customers to our uniquely revolutionary HSE 3D Printer was fantastic. One of the things I personally found mesmerizing in talking to customers about the machine was their intuitive reception of our directed heat. The HSE utilizes directed or targeted heat. This difference is critical. First, there are energy savings. Why waste precious energy? Secondly, when utilizing high-temp materials, it is the combination of speed with heat directed at the part which leads to better cohesion of the polymer layers. Melting the polymers at the right place, or to say it more formulaically: the best path to achieve strong parts is Quality Materials + Speed + Targeted Heat. So, we are bringing the heat, but only to where it is needed.

While additive manufacturing is starting to play an integral part in manufacturers’ production lines, broad adoption has been hampered by access to a broad set of materials that meet customer requirements for reliability, repeatability, and performance of 3D printed parts in industrial environments. It’s that challenge that motivated us to formulate our new line of high-temperature materials, which include PEEK, High-Temperature Nylon (HTN), HTN-CF25 and HTN-Z (ESD safe). These materials are designed to help remove that barrier by delivering high heat, chemical and fatigue resistance, and high strength for industrial applications.

Congrats to the entire Essentium team on a great formnext 2019, and a special thanks to everyone who came by our stand, and to our existing and new global commercial relationships for your continued trust in our portfolio of products. Essentium’s portfolio of products offer industry leading solutions tailored to help you increase your business agility with a bold new way of approaching the manufacturing floor. We will continue to innovate to help you maximize value.

I am already looking forward to next year!

Blake Mosher
Chief Commercial Officer

Here are some highlights from our time at formnext 2019:



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