Building a Full Stack Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem

At five to 15x faster than the competition, Essentium's High Speed Extrusion (HSE) 180 3D Printing Platform is built to transform the factory floor. Using an X-Y stage with all linear servo motors, the HSE 180 3D Printer solves strength, speed, and scale issues that have historically limited additive manufacturing (AM). With Essentium you can finally harness the power of 3D printing at scale without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

Unmatched Speed

Unmatched Speed

Print at speeds of up to 500 mm/sec with all linear servo motors, 1G acceleration, and 1 m/sec travel speed.

Large Build Volume

Large Build Volume

Print large parts with speed and strength on a build plate large enough to fit 85% of the world’s jigs and fixtures.

Open Ecosystem

Open Ecosystem

Use filament from Essentium’s material portfolio or others for the optimal material for your application.

Printer Specifications

Technology: High Speed Extrusion

Print Heads: One

Motion System Accuracy: XY < 30um, Z < 5um

Build Area: 690 x 500 x 600 mm

Nozzle: Hozzle™ heated nozzle

Nozzle Diameters: 0.4, 0.8 mm

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm

Electrical Requirement: 4 KVA, 220/240V 20A for LT machine and 40A for ST and HT machines, Single Phase 50/60 Hz

Printer Dimension: 1590 x 1250 x 2490 mm

Net Weight: 850 kg

Additional Features: 1G acceleration, all direct-drive servo motors – no belts or pulleys, fully digital/p>

Want More Information?


Want More Information?

Are you curious about the value that the Essentium HSE 180 series printer can bring to your business but don’t know where to start?


Low-Temperature Materials

Key Industries:
  • Biomedical Device
  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • Footwear and Apparel
  • Architecture and Design
Key Applications:
  • Prosthetic Sockets
  • Orthotic Devices
  • Low-Temp Jigs and Fixtures
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Castings

Additive Manufacturing A Category Creator in Additive Manufacturing

Historically, extrusion 3D printing processes like FFF and FDM have been painstakingly slow, taking hours to produce a relatively simple geometry and days to produce complex designs. Essentium’s HSE technology eliminates wasted movement with linear servo motors, 1G acceleration, and 1 m/sec movement speed, allowing manufacturers to print parts five to 15x faster than conventional FFF and FDM printers.

Essentium’s HSE technology paired with its best and broadest materials offering, allows manufacturers to scale 3D printing like subtractive manufacturing and set the stage for Industry 4.0.

Essentium’s Hozzle™ Heated Nozzle

Printing high-performance materials with high-speed extrusion is only possible with a world-class nozzle. The Hozzle — Essentium’s heated nozzle — is an integrated heating and temperature sensing unit that achieves unmatched performance with temperatures reaching up to 550°C. Complete with a sapphire tip, the Hozzle heated nozzle gives manufacturers the ability to extrude the highest performance materials on the market.

Essentium Hozzle

Frequently Asked Questions

What are independent dual extruders?
3D printers that feature independent dual extruders (IDEX) use two print heads that move independently, enabling users to print support material, two of the same parts, or two unique parts at once. The Essentium 280i HT 3D Printer is the first industrial 3D printer on the market that offers true independent dual extruders, meaning each head is fully independent on both the X and Y-axis. Other IDEX machines on the market feature print heads that are places on the same X-axis gantry, preventing independent movement on the Y-axis. This limits these “semi-IDEX” machines to print modes that are synchronous on the Y-axis.

The Essentium 280i HT 3D Printer is equipped with four print modes.

  • Single Head Mode prints single parts at the speed of relevance
  • Support Mode prints support for parts in progress
  • Multi-Process Mode prints two different materials or two different filament diameters
  • Copy Mode prints two identical parts simultaneously
  • Independent Mode Coming Winter 2021

The HSE 280i HT 3D Printer is an independent dual extrusion printer with five print modes, while the HSE 180 3D Printer series are single-head extrusion printers equipped with one print mode.

The only feature that requires a one-time fee to unlock is copy mode. This feature gives the machine the ability to print as if it were two printers, doubling productivity.

Users can print with water-soluble or breakaway support materials.

The HSE 280i HT 3D Printer has a different build volume for each print mode.

Print mode

Build volume

Single Head

695mm x 500mm x 600mm


595mm x 500mm x 600mm

Copy Mode

595mm x 500mm x 600mm

Support Mode

(395mm x 500mm x 600mm) x2

Independent Mode

Coming Winter 2021


Users can use all Essentium materials to print.


Like the HSE 180T 3D Printer, this machine is offers an open ecosystem for customers to print with any material, including materials from Essentium and other companies.


All Essentium printers include print-ready software.

Along with your HSE 280i HT 3D Printer, you will receive two DryAir canisters, two Hozzle heated nozzles, one build plate, and sample materials.


After a machine purchase, customers are provided with specific electrical, ventilation, and space requirements to prepare for machine installation.

Essentium’s service and support team work hard to make sure customers are ready to print. Remote troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and onsite repair ensure machines stay up and running.


After purchase, customers will have access to guided online training to prepare for machine delivery as well as face-to-face training during installation.

The automotive, electronic manufacturing, contract manufacturing, defense, and aerospace industries can benefit from the speed, strength, and scale that the HSE 280i HT 3D Printer brings to applications.


The HSE 280i HT 3D Printer can print a range of high-temperature materials, including Essentium 9085, which is certified on the HSE 280i HT 3D Printer.


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