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Beyond value…

Creating value from knowledge, the experience of our professional teams and the relationships with our clients

Training and satisfaction of our teams

We continue to strengthen, as we have always done since we began in this business, the training of our highly skilled management and operational teams, who possess highly specialised know how and a high degree of satisfaction and motivation in the work they carry out and to which they have dedicated a great part of their lives.

Social value

We manufacture products, be they raw materials, homes or electricity, and these are the foundations of the welfare of social groups. We are committed and are aware of our important social role, and we therefore work each day towards collective development.

Our Clients

Our clients are our greatest asset, on whom we focus our efforts, and their satisfaction is our main commitment.

Creation of Value

For everyone, for our clients, suppliers, partners, shareholders. We create value in the broadest sense, not only economic value, but value of another kind, which is based on the work we carry out, the extraction or transformation of materials, in that their availability are essential for development. Through international expansion and products with greater social implication, we do more than just add value.

Quality and commitment with the environment

This is fundamental considering that our products are the result of an extraction and transformation process. We ensure the maximum quality, homogeneity and durability of our products, with the utmost respect for the environment, with which we are in very close contact.

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