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The Group's turnover figures shows its growth.

The strategy followed by the Group in recent years has allowed it to grow in all its sectors. Although the most noteworthy aspect has been the acceleration in the internationalisation of the company, which now has a presence on four continents.

Diversification by countries and by sectors has been crucial in this change in trend. The Group's revenues exceed 484 M€.

Likewise, the number of employees has also increased, from 5,195 employees in 2012 to 8,425 employees in 2013, of which 54% carry out their activity outside Spain.

By geographical regions, the last few years have been relevant in the consolidation of the Group in a market as important as the Latin American market, which currently accounts for 76% of annual revenue; remaining revenues stem from Europe (20%), Asia (3%) and other markets like Africa, India and the Middle East (1%).

By sectors, it is worth noting the industrial sector that accounts for almost 53% of the Group's revenue; followed by the infrastructure sector, which through Assignia Infraestructuras, represents around 35% of total turnover. The remaining 12% is distributed between the energy division and the social housing division, represented by MCH.

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