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More than 40 years building and inspiring hope.


The seed of what today is the Essentium Group sprouted in 1975. Over the ensuing years it acquired and set-up different companies.


1985 was the year that operations commenced at what would become the Group's main limestone quarry. Taking advantage of the quality of the raw materials, operations commenced at different concrete plants within the radius of action of the quarry.


In 1999, and having specialised in raw materials for construction, the Group becomes one of the sector's main benchmarks within the Spanish market.



The expansion of the Group on a national level reached important heights in 2002 with the creation of Metrum, which became a leading company within the central region of Spain.

Grupo G.L.A.


In 2003 Grupo G.L.A. was created, through the union of the different companies active within the aggregates, reinforced concrete, mortar, precast, construction and real estate sectors.


In 2006 GLA commenced construction of the first cement plant in the vicinity of Madrid. In addition, full production of dry mortar and insulating materials commenced.



International expansion began in 2007, with the creation of the Essentium Group as the holding company of the various activities related to the cement segment, real estate and other activities. This led to the company's diversification into other emerging and attractive markets.


In 2008 Grupo G.L.A. was sold to the French company Lafarge, giving rise to a diversification of the business towards renewable energy.



In 2010 the company Assignia Infraestructuras was acquired, which brought to the group important know how and experience in construction, concession contracts and the maintenance of large infrastructure.



In 2010 MCH was established as a subsidiary of the Essentium Group, dedicated to the industrialised construction of social housing and middle class housing in emerging countries through a research system.



In 2012 the Essentium Group added to the group the industrial branch (construction of plants and implementation of industrial assemblies) through its current Brazilian subsidiary, Niplan Engenharia.


In 2013 the company's presence in Northern Africa was consolidated, region in which it was already developing the high speed railroad network for Morocco, with the execution of the works for the first tram line in the city of Ouargla in Algeria.


In 2014 the Essentium Group has persisted with its internationalisation, with its entry into the Chilean market with two prominent projects: the urban redevelopment of Temuco and the construction of a hospital under concession in Santiago de Chile, which will become the fourth hospital under concession.

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