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EssentiumSocial commitment

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In all its projects the Essentium Group carries out its activities under the strictest standards of preservation of the surrounding areas and minimising the effects on the environment that its activity may produce.

Sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word (social, economic and environment), is a strategic value of the Group. The company maintains its vocation for sustainable development in those countries in which it has its activity. Transparency and accessibility are essential factors in the Group's communication and culture.

In its vocation to give back to society part of the profits that it obtains from its activity, the Essentium Group carries out significant social activity.

The contracting of local suppliers and workers in all the countries in which it operates is proof of the Group's commitment with local economic and social development.

This implication in the countries where it has a presence, translated into policies of sustainability, value creation, social development and equality, is a characteristic of the Essentium Group.

One of the most innovative examples of this social policy is the work carried out by MCH, a subsidiary of the Essentium Group, which was created as a solution to the shortages of social housing and middle class housing in emerging countries. Through a patented industrialised method. MCH is an example of how the Essentium Group understands social action, but not only for its end purpose, but also because of the method itself as employed, which is completely sustainable both environmentally as well as economically.

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