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EssentiumQuality and the Environment

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The Essentium Group strives to provide products and services that go beyond the expectations of our most demanding clients in terms of quality and competitive cost.

The key element in exceeding client expectations is the application of Quality Management in each and every one of the phases of each operation or service, at all company levels.

The Essentium Group applies control measures in the management of the environment and in developing actions to identify and assess environmental aspects, as well as to monitor negative aspects, the correct management of waste and the implementation of good environmental practices.

The company has sought the satisfaction of its clients, through its compliance of the established requirements, lead times and fixed prices, without forgetting its care of the environment, efficiency in its use of resources and the reduction in the negative impacts of processes.

With this purpose in mind, management has set itself the following obligations:

  • Fully comply with what is offered to clients, consolidating the trust in the organisation.
  • Comply with the legal requirements and applicable rules in terms of quality and the environment in the activities carried out by the company, as well as with any other requirement that the company subscribes, like for instances preventing contamination, reducing waste and minimising the risks of an environmental accident.
  • Manage and control the provision of the services by means of the efficient allocation of roles and responsibilities.
  • Continually improve processes, procedures and, in general, all the activities of the organisation, by strengthening internal and external communication.
  • Train, raise awareness and motivate the organisation's personnel concerning the importance of their responsibility in the implementation and development of a Quality Control and Environmental Management System.
  • Allocate the necessary resources to attain these results

Quality is not only limited to the final products, but rather to the sustainable management of all the resources that make it possible. For this reason the Group applies policies that include quality as the main value and invest in the maintenance of Management Systems to guarantee this value.

Quality and Environmental Policy.

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