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The Essentium Group is a company that is committed to the welfare and quality of life of the public in all its dimensions. This social commitment is even more intense in those countries in which the Group carries out its activities.

The Group believes in the idea that its genuine contribution to the community and its people is attained through active involvement, resolving basic problems and promoting social and recreational activities.

Sensitive to the professional development of women, the company has a policy to foster employment within this group. To this end, it is worth noting that the Essentium Group is the first business group within the construction industry chaired by a woman. To this end, the inclusion of women within the construction sector in said countries is an important milestone in the path towards equality.

At the Essentium Group the balancing of work and family life is a deeply entrenched practice within the company, and for this reason it promotes labour flexibility and a balance with initiatives that seek to improve the quality of life of its employees.

The Essentium Group carries outs its activity with a solid commitment to the basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. Sustainability, technological transparency, implication with the environment, quality and the promotion of R&D&I, amongst others, form part of the company's DNA.

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