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The origins of the Group's activities within the concrete sector date back to the seventies with the establishment of various plants in Castilla La Mancha and within the central region of the Iberian Peninsula.

Essentium Hormigones is the company that the Group entrusts with offering quality services to civil engineering projects throughout the world, offering clients numerous advantages. Its strengths are:

  • Professional teams with extensive experience in the concrete and mortar markets, in all types of environments, resistance levels, etc.
  • It offers immediate responses to any need or contingency that may arise because there only exists one client per plant.
  • Closed unit price for each type of concrete, which implies cost savings for clients because it reduces the structure and machinery required by the client, as well as allowing for the control and responsible management of raw materials.

Essentium Hormigones currently provides concrete for civil engineering and large-scale construction projects in countries like: Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Portugal, Algeria, Libya, Turkey, Angola, China, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon or Panama.

As well as the management, exploitation and transport of the concrete; within the raw materials for construction segment, the Essentium Group offers numerous services, of which the following deserve a mention: the design and construction of its own permanent plants, as well as plants for others; turnkey projects of mobile plants; training and management of qualified personnel; quality control of the concrete, and operation and maintenance of plants.

Permanent plants

  • Concrete plant with mixer 3m3. Langreo. Asturias / Spain (90m3/h production capacity).
  • To supply concrete to the whole Asturias region.

Mobile plants

  • Two mobile plants in Morocco. High speed railroad section Larache-Casablanca. Morocco. (80 m3/h production capacity for 100,000 m3 of concrete). For the manufacture of cement-pavement in Morocco (30,000 m3)
  • Concrete projects on site. Brazaville. Congo (32,000 m3 in 12 months)
  • Concrete projects on site. Maputo. Mozambique (68,000 m3 in 15 months)
  • Concrete projects on site. Beira. Mozambique (68,000 m3 in 15 months)
  • Concrete projects on site. Nampula. Mozambique (68,000 m3 in 15 months)
  • Concrete pavement projects. Santiago. Chile (80 m3 in 7h / 45,000 m3 of concrete in 4 months)

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