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The growth that the Group has experienced these last three decades has been based on its mining activity, the production of sand and gravel, both rounded as well as crushed, graded-aggregate, rockfill, etc.

In 2013 the Essentium Group produced a total of 1,000,000 tn of aggregates, in terms of production and commercialisation, from its two main mining operations.

  • La Espartosa-Urda Quarry (Toledo, Spain): limestone, capacity 1,500 tn/day.
  • La Imora Quarry (Jaén, Spain): limestone, capacity 800 tn/day.

Independently of its presence in Spain, the internationalisation of the Essentium Group goes beyond the simple activity of exporting its raw materials, as occurs, for example, in Morocco.

Essentium Maroc is the owner of the Group's quarries in Morocco. Said quarries are located in the northern part of Morocco and have the capacity to produce crushed gravel, sand and graded-aggregate for the construction industry and infrastructure falling within its scope. It works for the following regions:

  • The Tanger-Tetuan region, which is very dynamic industrially and has become the country's second largest region in terms of the consumption of cement products, behind the Grand Casablanca region.
  • L'Oriental, where the demand for raw materials is booming due to the fact that the northeast region of the country is the site of ambitious revitalisation plans promoted by the Moroccan Government. The extraction of aggregates in this region is based on taking advantage of the synergies provided by the cement plant of Essentium Nador, whose quarries provide the possibility of supplying limestone aggregates to the region from an excellent location.

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