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EssentiumIndustrialised Housing

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The Essentium Group, through its subsidiary MCH (Método Constructivo Habitacional), has developed an industrialised method by which it builds social housing and housing for the middle class in various countries. The main advantage of this method is that it reduces costs and lead times.

MCH arose from the work carried out by the R&D&I department of the Essentium Group, to respond to the global shortage of housing.

MCH projects and builds a new concept of city, designed with state-of-the-art urban development criteria, developed to ensure energy efficiency and sustainable construction. This method allows for the establishment of production plants near the building sites, thus resolving problems in the supply chain, facilitating the creation of stable local employment, and creating industrial and social fabric in these areas.

This is a construction system that reduces lead times by up to 50%, and implies cost savings of up to 20%. In addition to the foregoing, design, quality, resistance and sustainability are the basic pillars of MCH.

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