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Essentium generates electricity at its hydro power and solar power renewable energy power plants. The Group is specialised in turnkey EPC projects, as well as in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of solar, hydro and wind farms.

The Group's activities within the renewable energy sector is in:

Hydro power

With the know how acquired in this sector, Essentium has become a benchmark for other clients outside the Group which are employing our services for the execution of their projects.

The Essentium Group centres a large part of its activity within the hydro power sector. It has a strong presence in Turkey, Europe's second largest player within the hydro power sector.

The Group currently has licences to build eight power plants (some already operational and others under construction), with output power ranging between 9 and 34 W. Said power plants are mainly located in the northern and south eastern parts of the country.

Yesil Power Plant

The hydroelectric power plant of Yesil, located in Sivas, is a power plant with a bypass channel, physically located around 10 kilometres from the river's intake point. The installation consists of five clearly differentiated elements: weir and loading chamber (intake point), low pressure piping, regulating pool, pressure piping and turbine chamber, and electrical substation.

Yesil Power Plant

Yüce Hepp Power Plant

Located in the eastern part of the Black Sea region, near the city of Giresun, although the nearest locality is Dereli, this project is situated between peaks of 874 and 500 metres, and consists of two dams, two tunnels, three channels, a floodgate and a power plant.

Yüce Hepp Power Plant

Merekler Power Plant

Located at the Posof stream, between Posof itself and Yurtbeklervillage, very close to the Georgian border, this power plant is situated between peaks of 1351 and 1237.4 metres. The main characteristics of the power plant include: a dam, sediment pool, 4484 metre transport channel, a floodgate, a power plant with installed capacity of 11.157 MW and a power transmission line.

Merekler Power Plant

Solar energy

We have been building EPC solar power plants since the very beginning of this technology, with projects in Spain, Italy and France, where we have included the technological advances as they develop.

Essentium has extensive experience in the execution of EPC projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of photovoltaic power plants. Thanks to our close ties to the manufacturers of this technology, we have been able to offer our clients a wide range of solutions.

The Essentium Group operates, builds and maintains its own power plants, as well as power plants for third parties, with more than 130 MWp.


  • Photovoltaic farm of Paradas | Sevilla (3,48 MWp)
  • Photovoltaic farm of Osuna | Sevilla (1,14 MWp)


  • Spain - 7 photovoltaic farms (36 MWp)
  • Italy - 10 photovoltaic farms (80 MWp)
  • France - 1 photovoltaic farms (10 MWp)

The production capacity of these farms is of 182 GWh/year.

Wind power

The Essentium Group builds EPC projects and handles the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of wind farms.

Within a comprehensive project, Essentium covers, at the criterion of the client, the totality or part of the project's needs: machinery, civil engineering, building construction and operation and maintenance.


  • Taza Wind Farm | Morocco (50 MW power, 150 Gwh/year production capacity) | under construction
  • Gecama Wind Farm. Cuenca | Spain (300 MW power, 1000Gwh/year production capacity) | under construction
  • Elk Wind Farm. Poland (14 MW power, 40Gwh/year production capacity) | under construction


  • Kisilice Wind Farm. Poland (38.2 MW installed power, 87Gwh/year production capacity)
  • Malbork Wind Farm. Poland (20 MW installed power, 46Gwh/year production capacity)

These farms have a joint production of 1,150 GWh/year.

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