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Combined cycle

With regards to conventional energy the Group, through Niplan Engenharia, favours combined cycle power plants. The total energy of these installations add up to installed power capacity of 1,000 MW, distributed in the following manner:

  • Power plant 490 MW - CSA Alstom | Uruguay (2010)
  • Gas Power Plant MPX UTE Parnaíba 517 MW - Initec | Brazil


Assignia built and operates two Biodiesel power plants, which can produce up to 42,000 tn/year:

The Hispaenergy Biodiesel Plant

The Hispaenergy Biodiesel Plant

It is located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) and has the capacity to produce up to 21,000 tn/year from vegetable oils like soya beans and sunflower.

The industrial complex Hispaenergy of Cerrato

The industrial complex Hispaenergy of Cerrato

It is located in Herrera de Valdecañas (Palencia), and counts with: a biodiesel plant with an annual production capacity of 21,000 tn. It consists of a plant where the sunflower seeds are dried and a plant where the oil is extracted by means of cold-pressing.

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